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Materials Available

How to Find the History of My House (Item 202201)

How to Find My Ancestors in Smithville (Item 202202)

Smithville Resources at the Clay County Archives (Item 202203)

Cemeteries and Burial Grounds in the Smithville Area (Item 202204)

Smithville List of Businesses 1845-1905 (Item 202205)

1928 Smithville Telephone Directory (Item 202206)

Map of Smithville in 1914 (Item 202207)

Stoutimire Collection - newspaper clippings about residents 1905-1908 (Item 202208)

List of Veterans Buried in Smithville: Am. Revolution to Vietnam (Item 202209)

Two Hundred Year Timeline of Smithville History (Item 202210)

Smithville Historic Town Officials (Item 202211)

Materials are free for current members and for a $5.00 donation per document to non-members.

Send your request to us at

Make your donation through the website online store.

Our History

For over 50 years members of the Smithville MO Historical Society have gathered stories, memoirs, photographs, and information about the Smithville community and its residents. The list of resources continues to grow. Databases are accessible free for members.  The public may access for a donation (suggested amount noted).

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